About Me

What do I blog about?

Like to keep this as a collection of my thoughts/views on computer science & systems, technology (cloud, semiconductor, emerging areas for e.g.), Leadership/management and patterns in technology and technology management. I am student of technology history and try to see patterns and observations to project into the future. Not always right, but provides a viewpoint into the future. 

What have I done?

Some – not enough. Involved with big companies, small companies (startups), venture capital, engineer, startup/founder CEO/management, infrastructure, consumer, hardware and systems software, databases to name a few. Lots of lessons learnt and with that, I can wind the clock back, could have done lot more. But could’ve and should have is not relevant. What can be done is more relevant learning from ones own follies. 

Who am I? –  For now its here

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"knowledge speaks but wisdom listens" Jimi Hendrix.

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