Computing Epochs

Moore (Intel) and Cycles of Re-inventions

A talk I gave (at Intel) a year and a half back on technology cycles, Moore’s law and cycles of how starting with semiconductors the fountain head of technology has shaped the cycles of re-inventions.

It took more than a year to post a more verbose version of the talk in this format. So its broken down to four parts, roughly co-inciding with the four different epochs. We have entered the fourth Epoch of modern computing era beginning with Intel, Schottky, Arthur Rock and the Fairchild 8.

Intel has been part of each transition in both good and not so good ways…

The PreMoore or Pre-Cambrian explosion of is here (More Memory). Memory was the instigator.

That was followed by the Cambrian explosion with the Web 1 or Internet 1 era ending with dot-com. Logic was the Pivot. That summary is here (Logical Moore)

Then came the many moore or multi-core, virtualization, cloud and that is here. (Many Moore)

Finally speculating on the future is here (Moore No More)

But more to come on the future as we have entered the next disruptive phase.

Author: renuraman

Always connecting the dots....

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